Salzburg On the Road

Salzburg, Austria
“The hills are alive” – everyone knows this song sung by Julie Andrews. Falling in love with a naval officer who had 7 kids and getting married after beeing a nun in about a year......!

During the last years Salzburg has become more than a "little brother" of Vienna and Munich . Its excellent travel connections like Ryanair, Eurolines, Busabout or simply the train make Salzburg easy to reach.

As the home of Mozart and the Sound of Music the city perfectly combines culture, music and nature. It is a modern place with historical background.

Make a half day-tour to the biggest ice cave in the world, to the histotrical Saltmines, the village of Oberndorf (where you can visit the Silent Night-Holy Night chapel) or to Berchtesgaden in Bavaria where you can tour the Eagles Nest.

If you want to see towns with funny names you can do trips to "Bad Aussee" or "Fucking".

The biggest event in town is the Music festival that takes place in late July-August, specially in 2006 when it is Mozart's 250 anniversary. Music will invade Salzburg during the whole year.

The city centre “Altstadt” is a UNESCO selected and preserved place for the beauty and the still intact city-style. To see: the Cathedral, Hohensalzburg, and all the small streets and churches that make this city unique.

Walking around the city you'll find many places called “Mozart”, “Amadeus” or just a sign on the door indicating that Mozart lived in that house. As souvenir don't miss the yummi “Mozart Kugeln” and “Mozart's Kiss” chocolate with a Mozart face.


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